Sunday, October 7, 2007

korea: trying to understand. so far.

"Do ya get it?"
(word mort)

this is Teacher Geoff Mortaley. Life teacher. Brother-from-another-mother-on-a-trip-across-the-world-away-from-his-lover. Our chemistry is spontaneous- hilarious-well understood and brand new every page.

a view from geoffs apt- to understand the humor of this shot please see bottom of this post- my apt view

bitch wouldn't stop lookin at me

"step in our store and get this free gift"- in exhuberant korean

geoffdiggy connectin with kate- his manager who showed us some beautiful peeps, places and things that day- korean/australian she is.
(the one above it is inexplicably golden)

this is my beautiful view- this old man is 84 yrs old, he collects the piles of garbage onto this pully-wagon and takes it elsewhere- he knows a little english and asked me why i shave my head. "cuz i love it." he laughed and told his hunchback buddy- he laughed too.

Ja get it?
(word mort)

funka flavor samples of korea

trust in quality of pics improving when the new cam comes- next paycheck babeh

mister korea, miss canada

theres an unseen, unheard of brand of anything everytime i turn around- try em all baby. from this gatorade tastealike to iced corn tea- lucky and unlucky shots but what do you expect when you're trying something new and you can't read the language yet

these always old lookin coffee machines are all over- 300 won and you get a hot coffee shot... get two and that's 60 cents. you grow an intimate bond with them after a couple weeks

the squatters- wah- funniest story to go with this: in brief it was a mad rush to find this after running back again to the subway ticket counter for change to buy toilet paper, taking off underwear and all to squat and do some stinky damage while some guy in the next stall farted, plopped and moaned all while talking on his celli...

my bathroom- all dirt pink, moldy and neglected by it's previous owners- call it a fixerupper.... by now it's cleaned, bleached and resealed... first impression wasn't excitement.. but fuck: i'm in korea

Mort at the top off this winding road before we discovered this funkyass chinatown district at the peak of a mountain by Incheon station...

Chinatown by Incheon station before we begin the stair climb...